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How to empty our mind?

Man cannot empty/cut own mind, that is why Victor Christ is so important and so vital.
We can use 5 tools to manage this job done. Five spiritual tools from Victor Christ are for pulling the evil spirit out to slash, mash, grind, burn before vanishing the remaining.
We call it Satan-Killing Pray and it is the only pray we practice. While you make the spiritual connection to Victor Christ, IT would fly to come and do the spiritual operation like a medical doctor does.

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Brief over Spiritual Exodus LCN #6

What is the Spiritual Exodus? How could I get rid of myself? How to make spiritual connection to Victor Christ? How to keep the connection longer?

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Without knowing enemy and oneself, one cannot win in any battle

Worldly laws, rules, morals, ethics won’t call thinking the sins, because it does not harm anybody yet. However in spiritual world, any tiny bit of thinking that was led by the power of Death fell into the sins that put out the life.
Faith is a spiritual path for the holder walk along with a heart. The heartily journey is actually efforts of throwing the evil away to take the good.

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Do we know about human being?

Blood is the life energy in liquid form linking higher energy-spirit– and lower energy-flesh & bone. That means spiritual activities-heart– affect blood to change body, and vice versa. One of blood’s function is keeping a reservoir, say Spirits Pool. That means all ancestors’ spirits present in a living man’s blood. That ancestors’ spirit include not only one’s parents but also one’s first parents Adam & Eve –God. The iron content in blood is the memory medium of the living on which brain read/write information. With the information and the energy in blood produce cells which compose flesh and bones of body.

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