Without knowing enemy and oneself, one cannot win in any battle

Without knowing enemy and oneself, one cannot win in any battle

Knowing Enemy

The enemy of Life is the power of Death.

This the only enemy killed all past lives and is killing present life a little by little by spiritual activities causing decrease in the life-energy level.

Worldly laws, rules, morals, ethics won’t call thinking the sins, because it does not harm anybody yet. However in spiritual world, any tiny bit of thinking that was led by the power of Death fell into the sins that put out the life.

The enemy has many nicknames, i.e. the power of Death, the Devil, the Evil, Satan, …

It is hiding physically in one’s blood, spiritually in one’s controlling spirit whose nicknames include ego, soul, self, ‘I’, … The enemy is super powerful and wise enough to defeat challenges from other spirits like moral, ethical and conscientiousness almost every times.

However, it’s secrets has been revealed by Victor Christ who won the victory in his spiritual battle against the powerful enemy, the ‘I’, the Devil, the power of Death. That’s how you are able to meet this vital information now.

The Devil’s nature is the consciousness of self. Having knowledge of self creates the  awareness of other. This is the spiritual separation that caused The Paradise broken into pieces to yield current material world.  The separation gives birth to comparisons and desires that generate every single personal, social, global problems  no matter peaceful or not.  With growing the self, pride and sense of superiority the world forms  discrimination and hierarchical structures i.e. class, sexual, racial, …

It also generates all sorts of emotions i.e. joy and anger together with sorrow and pleasure, that accelerate diminishing the life-energy. The Devil’s internal attacks extends to all sorts of worldly thoughts, fantasy, confusion, doubt, etc.

The Devil’s wisdom found ways to use collective power externally by setting up Idols of imperfection, i.e. worldly religions, nations, ideologies, etc.  When the collective powers built up, many lives became subjects to be killed. The Devil pretends/cheats/lies/divides/confuses/appeals to sentiment in nature.

It is natural that the Devil would fight back against Victor Christ with their full power in hands, i.e.  the press, prosecutor, judge, scholar, politics, lawmakers, economy, ignorant people, you name it.

Knowing Oneself

Throughout LCN issues so far you have been introduced to new teachings that  human being is not a creature nor a monkey but is God Itself as a son of God.

Though the world is full of confusions, we now can tell they are just nicknames in different perspectives. Particularly those nicknames to describe our ultimate problem, Life and Death.

You have to be brave to keep standing on the side that you think it is Truth even though it is spoken by only a small number of people.

This spiritual battle of God must be exercised by God for God nothing else what so ever.

Realising the fact that you are a son of God even though whose slavery status to the Devil is shameful,  that you are belong to the holy family, that you are in God’s bloodline, that your potential from Him has been just covered by the enemy, you can have genuine practical hope, the hope toward eternal life which is belong to our Father -God.

This fight is for retaking our lost status and also avenge our ancestor’s death on the Devil. That means this fight would save all ancestor’s spirits resurrected from their doom and taking them into the Paradise.

If you feel exhausted from living in this harsh world, if you feel you have reached to the final end, please do not give up yet. Because our True Messiah has come to save you, you are not alone anymore. You might be at much easier position to fight against the spiritual enemy, self, because the rich/ the power cannot do release what the self is holding.

This is the fighting against self, not against somebody else. It is an internal spiritual fighting backed by Victor Christ.

What you need to do is opening your mind for Victor Christ the invisible flying Being coming to fight for you.

You can open your mind by throwing old habits away because they are belong to the enemy, by studying Victor Christ’s teaching because this fighting requires your full trust in Victor Christ and without knowing in full one never gives it in full.

Faith is a spiritual path for the holder walk along with a heart. The heartily journey is actually efforts of throwing the evil away to take the good.


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