How to empty our mind?

What is the way to be empty spiritually How to empty cut our mind

What is the way to be empty spiritually?

It would be much like chopping a big tree in your garden down.

You would start examining the tree to see its conditions and set a plan accounting safety, availability and efficiency etc.  If you cut  the main trunk in a hurry, regardless its hardness, chances are it might hurt you or your properties when It falls.

If you were the house owner, you would know the tree a lot more than other people, you would know which part is weak, which part is dangerous, which path to use to trash rubbish, etc.

Generally, we start it by cutting small branches first.  Then cut a little bit bigger branches when it  become thin. Once all of big branches are down, we then start to chop the main trunk before pulling or grinding the root off.


How to empty/cut our mind?

Man cannot empty/cut own mind, that is why Victor Christ is so important and so vital.

We can use 5 tools to manage this job done. Five spiritual tools from Victor Christ are for pulling the evil spirit out to slash,  mash, grind, burn before vanishing the remaining.

We call it Satan-Killing Pray and it  is the only pray we practice. While you make the spiritual connection to Victor Christ, IT would fly to come and do the spiritual operation like a medical doctor does.

Victor Christ does not give even tiny bit of forgiveness  or generosity to the Devil. IT just kill the enemy dreadfully in no time. That might sound crazy to some people but when you account its purpose seriously, you would understand.

The only purpose of the True Saviour -Victor Christ of cause- is nothing but rescuing  sons of God –including you- from dying of the Sins. I mean  True Christ does not come here to receive praises from sinners. IT does not come here to be popular by giving nice lip services to the people in this sinful world.


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