Sorry to say but Christianity is Fake and Falling

Since the Advent of Victor Christ,
True Messiah, in 1980,
the man-made fake religion,
Christianity, had to face the facts
that it can’t withstand.

The Facts of those story about Jesus
in the Bible was fabricated. It was fake!
Then their anger expends to deny
everything in the Bible.
No Messiah, No Savior, No God.

That is why the number of
church goers in Europe which is its
initiated place is being reduced

In fact, the Bible has words that
Jesus was the son of the Satan.

Satan does cheat man to die,
it does cheat man can’t find True Savior,
it does make man sick of religion that
The True Messiah would bring.

Jesus was not going with
the Old Testament at all.
It is the thief and robber who
is steeling.

Jesus is nothing but a puppet
whose player is sitting behind curtain,
selling lovely deceitful lip services.
Great business!
But it’s not religion even though
many people say so and follow.

Not all contents in the Bible was
rubbish, you need to find those
words spoken by God’s mouth,
only in there, is True Road,
True Truth, True Life.

In short, Jesus is not the Savior.
The Bible says God Itself would
become the Savior.
Now the True Savior has come
and show us God Itself.
So you can see God now.

History of religion is just starting
As true religion has been just
brought in the end of 20 century.

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